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So the best thing you can do is to make a monitoring wish list.

The Most Common Uses of Spy Apps

Then you will know what you want and the FlexiSPY versus mSpy versus Highster Mobile comparison will reveal you which spy software best suits your needs. On the picture above you can see the full feature list of the best cell phone spy software. Now I want to point out the best one. If you really want to see the best cell phone spy solution then you need to see all the divisions winner.

That information will provide you the better view on the monitoring apps. Does this make sense to you? In just a few second you will learn which monitoring app has the best basic monitoring features. In the first division, you will see which app will have the best basic monitoring features.

In order to compare the software, we will need to look closely at the basic features. Cell Phone Call Monitoring All three software has the cell phone call monitoring features.


Text messages or SMS monitoring Same as before all three proffesional monitoring tools support the secret Text masseges tracking feature. Email secret tracking Ok, email is one of the most wanted features and all of the top tracking apps support it. Photos and Videos remote tracking Very useful features is photos and video remote tracking. All three spy apps will extract all media files and upload it to your account when you will be able to:.

All of this logs will be visible to you on your online account map. SO none of the target movement will not be hidden from you.

mSpy Reviews you must watch it before you buy mSpy

These basic features are. All of this logs will be fully visible to you on the online account. So as you could see in the whole basic features testing part, there is no winner here.

3 Best Parental Control Android App

All three phones spy reviews best-rated apps has all features implemented in the tracking system. So in just a few seconds will see which of the best monitoring apps has the best social media and IM Chat tracking features. In the second division, you will see which app will have the best Social Media and IM chats monitoring features. In order to compare the software, we will need to look closely at the social IM features.

In the mobile cell phone spy reviews by real customers, you can see that this is the biggest reason why customers use one of this monitoring app. As you can see this are one of the most used user communication ways this day. However you probably wanna see unique featurs. So more criteria:. Therefore you will have to choose the monitoring app that best suits to your need.

Mobile spy vs mspy | website spy

For example, if you want iPhone remote tracker than the mSpy is the better option. If you want to install and track a target with full potential then FlexiSPY is the better option. When I sum up all criteria like app price, usefulness more frequently used IM chats by users , easy to start to track and set up process then I would recommend you to choose mSpy. However, if we look at the number of features than the conclusion is that FlexiSPY app is better. Highster Mobile app also allows you to remotely monitor target iPhone device like mSpy and it has one unique IM chat feature which is Twitter.

When I sum up all criteria that I want to note that FlexiSPY allows you to monitor the most social media and IM chats so in this category it is a winner. Here is harder to determine a winner because both apps have some advantages. If you want to see the winner you also need to look for the unique monitoring features. On the other hand, mSpy allows you to monitor features like Telegram, Tinder and Snapchat.

However Highster Mobile has the Twitter feature which is also very frequently used and valued. And now it is time to point out the major winner in this category. As you can see in the whole social media and IM chats testing part, the most social cell phone spy features have FlexiSPY and it is the best professional choice. When I sum up all criterias for this category than the best monitoring app is mSpy. In this comparison I would also like to note that you should look for the option that best suits your needs.

However, I will explain the most advanced features and make a decision which app is the best. So in just a second, you will see which spy software has the most powerful advance spy features. In this best mobile cell phone comparative article the decision will be made by testing this features:. Call listening or recording If you wanna remote live listening someone conversations than you are looking for the call listening feature.

This feature also includes call recordings. The only best cell phone spy app that allows you call recording and live listening conversation is FlexiSPY. This app has achieved this ability through the online panel. There you have a call recording option which needs to be enabled. So everything is simple, remote and it can be done for incoming and outgoing calls from all numbers. Does this satisfying you? For me, it is very good and powerful tracking ability. Surrounding listening or recording The second very powerful and exciting feature is live listening and recording surroundings. This feature is as well available only with FlexiSPY.

The FlexiSPY achieve this feature by the secret activation of the cell phone microphone. So when you want to listen to the conversation you will need to make a remote and invisible spy call which will result in target phone microphone activation.

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Once you call the target phone you will be able to listen to the conversations as you are in the room with the target person. Geolocation or Geo-Fencing Geolocation or Geo-Fencing feature allows you to designate zones which can be allowed or restricted to the user.

Keylogging Keylogger is another very useful feature. This one of the best cell phone spy software abilities allows you to view the full text that has been entered on the target device and send through…. The keylogger is avelible with mSpy app. This feature is very usefull if you decidet to monitor android cell phones that are not rooted. Then the mSpy app will be able to revela to you the full entered content of all socila media activitiees. NO Jailbreak and NO install The last very advanced spy ability of the best spy tools is NO jailbreak and No install remote monitoring of the cell phone activities.

This feature is available with mSpy and Highster Mobile. It is because of the spy abilities. OK which unique features will you be able to monitor with mSpy and Highster Mobile? Ok lets first see what are no jailbreak and no install mSpy monitoring features. The software which will be compared is mSpy vs Highster Mobile. Do you find this interesting? As you can see mSpy app has more features but the Highster Mobile also reveal you few very powerful features. The best part is that with bot monitoring apps you do not need to jailbreak or install the app on the target iOS device. Ok, and in the next few seconds you will learn which is the best cell phone spy app in the advanced features monitoring.

Ok and now you will see which of the best monitoring spy apps has the best-advanced tracking abilities. This is also the last feature comparison category so now follows the final winner FlexiSPY vs mSpy vs Highster app comparison results. As you could see in the whole feature comparison testing, the mSpy and FlexiSPY apps have the most winning categories.

Both of the tracking systems have three very powerful and advance spy features so they are both victorious.

FlexiSPY VS mspy | One Of Them Isn’t Invisible

On the other hand, mSpy is cheaper so it has very big advantages there. FlexiSPY has remote listening conversations and surrounding features which are in my opinion the best features for spying.

However when I sum up all criteria for this category than the best monitoring app is mSpy. In the whole top 3 monitoring software features comparison, you can see the results for every category. The tested categories are:. In the article above you could see test results shows that FlexiSPY, mSpy and Highster Mobile has the same basic monitoring abilities so they are all victorious.

The next category is social media and IM chats tracking. In order to install cell phone monitoring app on an iPhone, you must first gain special access that allows you to install your choice of software. But first, a look at Permissions. This is such an obvious program installation red flag that anyone searching for spy phone software will go straight to the Settings menus before checking anything else on the phone. When we tested our copy of mspy, their software revealed two tell-tale listings in the Permissions menu.

First, mspy asked permission to open the Microphone when we activated their ambient recording feature.